We originally intended to use this video during our visit to California this past December to help cast our vision for our ministry moving forward into 2020. We wanted to share it now in reflection of God’s favor and blessing. Please contact us for more detailed information.


  1. Thank you for serving Christ there while we do our part here in Porter Ranch. I’m sure you will need supplies along the way as you journey, so where can I find a list to pray over and seek God’s way to supply them?


    1. Thank you for your willingness to intercede on our behalf. At the moment, since we’re still in the beginning stages of forming our nonprofit, we would appreciate your prayers. I’m confident as well that in fact we will need supplies in the near future. When we have identified our most critical needs we will certainly notify all with our requests. For the moment, here are our current prayer requests…

      ★ Tyler’s transition and cultural re-entry returning to California to attend Azusa Pacific University in a few months.

      ★ Levi and Luke’s emotional adjustment to the absence of their big brother and best friend.

      ★ God’s continued favor and wisdom in establishing the foundation of our non-profit and ministry.

      ★ Strategic partnerships to promote empowerment, collaboration, and faith in our surrounding communities resulting in dignity, trust, and restoration.

      ★ Patience and grace maneuvering through life in a post Covid-19 world.

      Bendiciones y se fuerte!


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